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Bucknum Family 2011
Bucknucks Books Cobble HIll 2015
Bucknucks Books Qualicum Beach 2016

Bucknucks Books is a family owned and operated independent bookstore.


Cam has had a long relationship with books.  Both of his Grandmothers were teachers and he was taught to read at the age of three. His first foray into selling books was during his time in university as a part time gig on evenings and weekends back in the 90's. There he learned the minutiae of grading used books by quality and desirability. This sparked his passion for the book business.


Tess started working with books as the librarian for a non-profit organisation specialising in children's education. She is an independent thinker who is passionate about the environment and community oriented businesses and organizations. Having a small business where she could add value to her customers lives and improve her community in a real way was extremely important to her.  


Together they developed a community-based sustainable business model that is environmentally positive (by keeping books out of landfills) with its main focus to get more books in the hands of readers at an affordable price.


Our children are involved in the store as well.  Alyssa works behind the scenes adding her carpentry skills to the production of shelves in our Qualicum Beach location as well as providing her graphic design skills for our bookmarks. Lexx, Duncan and Katherine have all participated in our store furnishings, "Book Blitzes", and maintenance.  It truly is a family business.


We are proud to serve the communities that support us as we recycle thousands of books each year.


Some interesting facts about Bucknucks:

  • Bucknucks opened their doors for the first time on July 23, 2010.

  • Every book in the store has been cleaned and priced individually.

  • We give in store credit in exchange for books. You can use that credit for up to half of your purchase.

  • Trades are accepted in store for most of the year except the Months of June and December.

  • Our Cobble Hill store is the largest bookstore in the Cowichan Valley.

  • Our name is pronounced much the same as Duck-Ducks. 

  • Every day between 100 and 300 books are put on the shelves.

  • Bucknucks has a face-first policy. If you phone and we don't answer it is because we were already helping someone in the store.

  • Our bags are experienced, since we just re-use bags that people bring to us.

  • We accept Canadian Tire money!

  • We opened our second location in Qualicum Beach on Jul 15, 2015.