About Us

Bucknucks Books Street View

Bucknucks Books is a family owned bookstore located along Highway 1 near Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island.  


Listed below are some items you may find interesting about Bucknucks:

* Bucknucks opened the doors for the first time on July 23, 2010.

* Every book in the store has been cleaned and priced individually.

* We give in store credit in exchange for books.  You can use that credit for up to half of your purchase.

* Trades are accepted in store for most of the year except the Months of June and December.  

* Our name is pronounced much the same as Duck-Ducks. 

* Every day between 100 and 300 books are put on the shelves.

* Bucknucks has a face-first policy.  If you phone and we don't answer it is because we were already helping someone in the store.

* Our bags are experienced, since we just re-use bags that people bring to us.

* We accept Canadian Tire money!