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After a break in accepting books we had the store back under control and started accepting books again a couple weeks ago.  So many have come in that you probably won't notice the difference, but it's still better now than it was.
Some days I figure I should have a warehouse to store all of these terrific books, but I am aware that in December we will have our scheduled stoppage in trades and I will be able to empty the many boxes of books I have waiting in every nook and cranny of the store.  
I have almost finished building some shelves that will be brought in some time in November, so there will be a big re-organization at that time.  We haven't re-organized the store in two years, but sometimes you just have to shake things up, no matter how much work it is.  You may have already noticed the decommissioning of the aquarium and the absense of a lovely painting by Jacob Hokanson  (see his work here ).  This sad subtraction is to make more room for inventory, though we will be bringing in smaller art pieces to fill the creative vacuum in time.  
I am hoping that by the new year the store will have a new look.  I hope you will all approve.

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