Back to work

I am back at work today.  The snow plow cleared our long uphill street so I could get our old minivan up and out and get to the store.  
Tomorrow December starts, which for whatever reason is the season when my mind goes 'bonk'.  I feel like I lose days and just want to sleep.  I blame it on the lack of daylight.  I am one of those who thinks that Daylight savigs time is counter-productive.  I really don't mind starting the day in the dim dawn light.  In fact, I really like the effect.  Conversely, a 4pm dusk is a real let down.  I find some lizard part of my brain figures it's time to stop working because it is dark out, so I get a bad case of Butt-in-chair disease.  It could be worse I guess.  I could work in a mine or Northern Alberta.  It's just that I am not a winter person anymore after 35 years on the prairies.
Ironically it is one of the busiest time of the year for us.  Not only do we have more customers, but the people usually need more help finding books "For their Dad" and things like that.  I need to get a good nights sleep and have good coffee (thank you Drumroaster).  I need to wake the heck up and get the store in order.  I have to get up to date while we aren't taking books and make sure we have a great selection for Christmas.  
So if you come in the store and I am sitting like a lump, don't feel bad for asking me quesitons and getting me going.  I probably shouldn't be in that chair anyways.  Bring on the Holiday rush.  It can be kinda fun if you look at it right, and after it's all done the days are getting longer, and that is my favourite part.

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