Cobble Hill: Not Accepting Books until 2017

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Every year, we stop accepting books around this time.  Bucknucks has never accepted book in December since we have to get stock out on the shelves for the Holiday season.  We schedule a break from receiving inventory.  The stoppage allows us to focus on getting books out on the shelf, and to make the store more tidy and presentable.  

I've often heard the thought spoken that we won't be putting as many books out since we aren't accepting any incoming books for a few weeks, but the truth is that by being able to concentrate on getting books out of boxes we get way more books out on display when we aren't accepting books than at other times.  We can tackle more projects and I don't get as demoralized since the store looks a little better every day.  A demoralized Cam is a not as productive as a motivated one.

In addition, for In the last five days over 100 boxes of books have come in the door, so we really couldn't accept more books even if we were inclined. We had hoped to hold out until Dec 1, but there is only so much space and we have filled it up.
Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.

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