January Update

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Now that we have closed the door on 2017, i thought it would be good to send out a Bucknucks Update. We've been accepting books at both locations since the New Year and as expected, Cobble Hill had a huge influx due to the moratorium in December.  Thankfully we had some room for all the incoming and so we aren't completely overrun, so keep on bringing us the good stuff.  A book store without new interesting inventory would be quite boring.  We put out over 100 books a day so there's always something fresh on the shelves.
You may see a new face at the Cobble Hill store since our oldest daughter has been chipping in and helping every week.  All our four kids have been involved at different times throughout the last eight years, but usully in the background building shelves or helping when we re-arrange things, but nothing regular like this.  It's always good to have the kids involved.
You'll be seeing a little less of me (Cameron) in the next few weeks since I will be tyig up the year end and trying to get a handle on the bookkeeping.  The big stack of papers in the back room has to be turned into a legible government document in the ear future so I have to get after it.

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