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Summer is our busiest time of the year. As a retail store we benefit greatly from the fact that Vancouver Island is so beautiful that it is a tourist destination. We need some help to handle the extra workload. If you like our store and read my website, then you are my kind of person. So much so, in fact, that this is the only method of advertising I am doing. It narrows the playing field somewhat. I've had many people who have approached me who would LOVE to work here, and some offer to do it for free. I am looking to hire someone that wants to work at Bucknucks, not just someone looking for a job. There is a difference.
This year we are searching for someone who will stick around after the summer is over. This is a permanent part time position. I am aware of some terrific candidates looking for summer work (University students, for example), but in this case I won't be hiring seasonal candidates.
There are thousands of people in the valley who love books, but the bigger question for this position is: “Do you love people?” Bookstores attract the most interesting people, and you need to love that facet of the job. Organizing and product research is certainly part of the job, but it comes second to working with our customers. A warm personality and charisma is a must. You will be minding the store on your own sometimes, so maturity and independent problem solving are also key.
It will be a minimum of 12 hours a week to start, but will likely expand from that. There is a required Saturday shift, but other than that the hours are somewhat flexible. Entry level wages, but they come with numerous perks, as well as regular reviews and increases. We try and create a laid back enjoyable atmosphere, where people want to come and work.
Applicants can send a resume to, or bring one in to the store.

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