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I had hoped that we could keep bringing books in indefinitely, but sadly we must do something to stem the tide of incoming books.  Over the last two weeks we have averaged between 20 and 30 boxes of books coming in a day.  Compare that with two or three boxes worth going out, and you can see where we are having space problems.  
As a result, we have realized that some changes need to be made.  First thing is that from now until Feb 14 (Valentine's Day), we will not accept any books.  After that date we may become a lot more picky with incoming inventory.  In addition, we might put a cap on incoming books.  One box/bag at a time is a restriction that may help, without inconveniencing our regular customers too much.
What do you think?


I think you are 100% right . . . . . as long as you keep the section I am interested in well stocked! As the Big Bopper said, "You KNOW what I like". Unfortunately, the more "picky" you attempt to be, the more time you'll have to spend culling and dealing with the books you are not going to sell, not a good way to have to spend time. Maybe, if you could just high-grade out the good ones, you could get volunteers to go over the rest to find some to give to senior's facilities, jails and anywhere else that could use them. Might surplus children's books be useful to NGO's that are dealing with disadvantaged kids overseas who are trying to learn english, and who have a transport method available (a little extra space in a container maybe)? Can you institute a policy of "If you leave it here and we don't think we can sell it, you just donated it?". BTW, if the Big Bopper is just too far away from your time on Earth, he was the third passenger with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens on the fateful 1959 flight and the line is from "Chantilly Lace".

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