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Stack of Books Dec 2016
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Our inventory is high quality second hand books, which are all painstakingly cleaned and sorted before being put on the shelf.  Most sections are arranged alphabetically according to author, and the non-fiction sections are split into various specialties such as Marine, Biographies, History, et cetera.  

We are interested in your good quality books.

We prefer smaller batches of books packed flat in small “Back Friendly” boxes (like liquor boxes) that you can leave with us. Depending on what we have incoming it can take us a while to assess your books. If you are only bringing in a handful of books then bags are a good choice as well.

Condition is our primary concern. Books with damage such as creasing, marks on the pages, stickers, or other minor blemishes might still be accepted but with a possible reduction in price which results in a reduced credit. We are interested in all kinds of books fiction, non-fiction, local interest, and new releases. We aren’t set up for antiquities and collectibles, so you won’t see those for crazy prices in store. Though occasionally you may find one on our shelves at our regular pricing.

We also accept excellent condition DVD’s and CD’s. We have many customers looking for audio books as well.


We can not accept the following.

Books in bad condition: Missing dust jackets, loose or torn pages, water damage, insect ridden boxes, broken spines, or books with unfriendly odors.

  • Encyclodedia sets
  • Readers Digest condensed
  • Harlequin Romance novels
  • University Textbooks
  • Outdated health or home repair books.
  • VHS or cassettes


What is Store Credit and how does it work?

In exchange for the books you bring in, you get a Store Credit. Store Credit can be used to get half off your book purchases. Another way to think of it is getting 50% off all your books. You can use it at any time it does not expire.

When you want to make a purchase with your credit just tell us at the till that you have an account. We will find your account information in our database and apply the credit. You will only pay for half our price of the book plus 5% tax.


When can you bring in books?

We accept books most days of the year. We do typically take a book acceptance holiday during the months of December and June. This way we can have scheduled times devoted to customer service during the holidays and time to catch up on any backlog. We typically post notices on our Facebook page and website when the “Not accepting” sign goes up.

We prefer the books in smaller ‘back friendly’ boxes packed flat so they do not bend. Please No banana boxes or large U-Haul style packing boxes. Think worker safety. Please bring them in boxes you don’t want to keep.

The books people bring us are what allow us to keep in business; the quality and consistency have been excellent over the years and we are grateful.  Thank you.  If we have a limit in place it is only because we have run out of space, not because we don’t appreciate the effort it took to bring them in.