Not accepting books

This is just a quick reminder that we don't accept books in June.  We will begin accepting again after Canada Day.  I appreciate your patience while we do our bi-annual store overhaul. 
And don't worry, at last count we had over 200 boxes that hadn't been processed so we will continue to put out new inventory every day!

Accepting Books Again

We are accepting books again.  When I put the signs up it is due to space constraints, not because I want to make life harder for everyone.  Honest.  I really don't enjoy letting people down all the time.  Thank you for your patience while we caught up a bit.
I was getting pretty upset with the amount of people who would come in and pressure me or start arguing and berating me, so I figured I better start accepting again before I lose my temper completely.  I was under siege, and now the siege is over.  Bring on the books.

Paging Dr. All-Come

We are accepting books again.  I hope we've made enough of a dent in the piles of boxes that everyone can notice a difference.  Now I just have to keep up.
Sounds like a New Years resolution, but I am too wise to actually commit to disappointment that easily. 

Holiday Freeze

It's officially one month until Christmas, and as usual it is around now that we quit accepting books for the rest of the year.  
We have a lot of inventory stashed away in boxes particularly for this time of year so there will be plenty of new stuff getting put on the shelf every day.  Because we will have more time to go through them, there will be more books on display than usual as a result.

Accepting books... until December

After a break in accepting books we had the store back under control and started accepting books again a couple weeks ago.  So many have come in that you probably won't notice the difference, but it's still better now than it was.
Some days I figure I should have a warehouse to store all of these terrific books, but I am aware that in December we will have our scheduled stoppage in trades and I will be able to empty the many boxes of books I have waiting in every nook and cranny of the store.  

Supplier versus Customer

In most businesses, the difference between a customer and a supplier is easy to see. As a vendor, you acquire product from suppliers, and you sell it to your customers. Both are important, but you invariably put the needs of your customers before those of your suppliers. It's just good business practice to operate that way.
With a business model such as Bucknucks employs, where it's the customers who bring in your inventory, it makes things a little trickier. The lines blur. When you bring me your books, then I am the customer and you are the supplier.


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