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Supplier versus Customer

In most businesses, the difference between a customer and a supplier is easy to see. As a vendor, you acquire product from suppliers, and you sell it to your customers. Both are important, but you invariably put the needs of your customers before those of your suppliers. It's just good business practice to operate that way.
With a business model such as Bucknucks employs, where it's the customers who bring in your inventory, it makes things a little trickier. The lines blur. When you bring me your books, then I am the customer and you are the supplier.

A New Year

Always the turning of the year is a time for reflection.  We look at the good, the bad, and the ugly from our last trip around the sun.  Then, we try to figure out what we need more of, and less of, and then make a resolution to bring in more good and filter out the bad.  It's a cleansing of sorts, usually spent with friends and family.  And some of us blog about it, too!

Back to Normal

After a full month of a 10 book limit on incoming books, things are back to normal.  By normal, I mean that there is no cap on how many books you bring in for Trade credit.  We shouldn't need to limit anything until December, when our scheduled limit comes into effect.  

10 book limit for SEPTEMBER.

Hello Everyone!  
UPDATE: Instead of a universal stoppage of imcoming books I have chosen to try a ten book limit.  So the doors are open to smallish trades for the month of September.
There are thousands of books in boxes that I haven't even looked at, so there will continue to be fresh stock put on shelves every day.  
Thank you for your patience.

Open Season

After a two week Hiatus, we are now accepting books once again.  
The idea was to try and clean up during this two week period.  Summer is a busy time for us and we wanted the store to look it's best.  I'm not sure it made much difference, since there are still more stacks on the floor than I would like, but I did make a dent.  

Intake Brake (Break)

Hello Everyone,
This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we are not accepting books for a while.  I have enough backlog to put out my standard 200 books a day, so there will be a lot of nw books going out on the shelf, just no new boxes being added to my huge backlog.
Thanks for your understanding.

We Give Up! (AKA Changes to the Request system)

It's been almost three years since we opened our doors here at Bucknucks. In that time we have accepted four thousand six hundred and twenty three requests for books (4623). Of those, we have managed to fill nine hundred (900) requests.
That is roughly one in five requests that is being filled, or 20%. It has been a while since I was in school, but I believe that is a failing grade. This is an area we need to get better.

Overstocked on Books

I had hoped that we could keep bringing books in indefinitely, but sadly we must do something to stem the tide of incoming books.  Over the last two weeks we have averaged between 20 and 30 boxes of books coming in a day.  Compare that with two or three boxes worth going out, and you can see where we are having space problems.  


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