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Cobble Hill December = Bring no books

December is here!  After Months of being surrounded by towers of boxes, it is finally that time of year when our Cobble Hill store puts a hold on incoming books.  As we do every year in December, we put a sign on the door and say no to incoming batches of books.  We focus our energy on getting all of those boxes emptied out and put onto the shelves so there is tonnes of fresh inventory to select.  There's an impending holiday season upon us and we have to get those books out on the shelf.  Thank you for your cooperation during our catch up time.

A Christmas Carols Free Zone.

If you have been out in the world lately you may have noticed that Christmas Music is everywhere. It doesn't matter if you're in Cobble Hill or Qualicum Beach or Duncan or Nanaimo or Victoria... you will hear it.  It's on the radio, it's on the TV (I don't watch TV but people tell me Christmas music is there). In my opinion, I think it's all a bit much.  I like the holiday season and everything, but every waking minute for a month doesn't need to be saturated with it. 

Holiday Hours

We will be open Dec 24 at both locations until 4:00 PM
Closed Dec 25 (Christmas) both Locations
open Dec 26 COBBLE HILL ONLY (10-4)
Closed New Years Day both location
All other days: regular business hours

Holiday Freeze

It's officially one month until Christmas, and as usual it is around now that we quit accepting books for the rest of the year.  
We have a lot of inventory stashed away in boxes particularly for this time of year so there will be plenty of new stuff getting put on the shelf every day.  Because we will have more time to go through them, there will be more books on display than usual as a result.

Christmas Hours

Hi All,
We finally decided what our Christmas Hours will be!
Christmas Eve: 10-3
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 10-3
Dec 27 - Dec 30: Normal Hours
New Years Eve: 10-3
New Years Day: Closed

Holiday Hours

Our Holiday Hours this year:
Sunday, Dec 23: 10am - 3pm
Monday, Dec 24 (Christmas Eve): 10am - 3pm
Tuesday, Dec 25 (Christmas Day): CLOSED
Wednesday, Dec 26 (Boxing Day): 10am - 3pm
Dec 27 - Dec 31: Normal Hours
Tuesday, Jan 1 (New Year's Day): CLOSED
Have a great (and safe) Holiday Season.

The Merchant in me.

I was always one of those who complained about the commercialization of Christmas.  To me it was always about family and taking stock of ones life and giving thanks.  I found the deluge of commercials and Christmas music and displays and the piercing sound of sleigh bells everywhere to be distasteful.

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