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No Books In June -Cobble HIll

Cobble Hill location only.

We do not take in books for trade credit in the month of June. 
Our regularly scheduled freeze on incoming books allows us time to catch up on the boxes and do other maintinance around the store.
This year we have decided to allow those customers who have less than $30.00 trade credit to bring in one small bag or box.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing you.


Cobble Hill December = Bring no books

December is here!  After Months of being surrounded by towers of boxes, it is finally that time of year when our Cobble Hill store puts a hold on incoming books.  As we do every year in December, we put a sign on the door and say no to incoming batches of books.  We focus our energy on getting all of those boxes emptied out and put onto the shelves so there is tonnes of fresh inventory to select.  There's an impending holiday season upon us and we have to get those books out on the shelf.  Thank you for your cooperation during our catch up time.

Cobble Hill Not Accepting Books

I held off as long as i could, but as of today Bucknucks in Cobble Hill is not accepting any more books until we clear the backlog.  If it takes until the new year then so be it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Rest assured that there will be over 200 new books on the shelves in Cowichan every day as we clear out all the boxes we have accumulated.

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