Qualicum Beach

January Update

Now that we have closed the door on 2017, i thought it would be good to send out a Bucknucks Update. We've been accepting books at both locations since the New Year and as expected, Cobble Hill had a huge influx due to the moratorium in December.  Thankfully we had some room for all the incoming and so we aren't completely overrun, so keep on bringing us the good stuff.  A book store without new interesting inventory would be quite boring.  We put out over 100 books a day so there's always something fresh on the shelves.

Now Hiring (Both locations)

Summer is our busiest time of the year. As a retail store we benefit greatly from the fact that Vancouver Island is so beautiful that it is a tourist destination. We need some help to handle the extra workload. If you like our store and read my website, then you are my kind of person. So much so, in fact, that this is the only method of advertising I am doing. It narrows the playing field somewhat. I've had many people who have approached me who would LOVE to work here, and some offer to do it for free.

Snow Day!!

Considering that Tess and I cannot get up the hill from our home to the main road, it appears we are going to have a snow day.  Both locations are closed this morning.  I have some chains I am gong to put on my tires and hopefully that will get me to Cobble Hill at the very least.  Good luck out there.  We will open the stores as soon as we can get to their location.

Both Stores Closing Early Today

Due to the forecasts of a terrible storm coming our way, we have decided to close both Bucknucks locations early today (Saturday).  Bucknucks in Qualicum Beach and also in Cobble Hill (in Cowichan) will be closing today at 3:00 pm. 
Thank you to everyone who has been coming despite the weather.  I hope you all enjoy some storm watching in the warm and dry curled up with a good book.  Good luck to all o you who have to be out in this weather, and thank you to the crews that will be out getting our power and roads ixed up in the aftermath. 

New Sign in Qualicum Beach

Tess and I were up in Qualicum Beach this weekend to watch the official "Town Approved" sign go up.  It was ironic thta the sign was being hoisted up there on the one year anniversary of opening that store.  It doesn't feel that long but it is.  
The attached picture shows Derek from Signology putting up the sign with the assistance of his son and wife.  It's a true family company.  They even brought their dog!!

Doors Open - Qualicum Beach

We did it.  After months of toil and hard work, the second location of Bucknucks Books is now open.  We are at 701 Primrose Street in Qualicum Beach, and our number there is 250-594-7323.  Come visit the new location and tell your friends.  Now we just need to get some books on the shelves. 

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